All Patak sausages are hand-made, twisted and smoked in our factory. They are truly one of a kind. We use fresh, lean pork and beef on every product with no substitutes or fillers. We guarantee that you will have a natural sausage with a unique flavor. When visiting the store, please feel free to ask for a taste of anything you like.

Our sausages include:

Wieners - a traditional German crunchy pork and beef sausage for kids and adults of all ages

Beef Franks - all beef hot dog with a crunch, can be eaten hot or cold

Bohemia Smokies - double smoked sausage, good on a roll with mustard

Polish Kielbasa - pork and beef sausage with a kick of garlic

Anduille - cajun style pork and beef sausage, use in gumbo or with beans

Kabanos - double smoked snacking sausage, better enjoyed cold

Italian - fresh pork sausage that comes in hot or mild, great for the grill

Bratwurst - fresh or cooked pork sausage with a hint of parsley