Our products include:

Canadian Bacon - smoked pork loin for sandwiches or frying

Boston Butt - smoked pork shoulder ready to eat plain or with bread

Blackforest Ham -double smoked ham great for snacking

Thanks to our twin Fessman smokehouses, we have the capability to produce up to 20,000 pounds of product per day. On account of our remarkable smoking techniques, we can either deliver a conventional smoke flavor or a deep smoke. We take pride in the fact that our smokehouses are personally cleaned and sanitized each week to ensure that you have the best quality of smoked meat possible.

Veal Roll - lunch meat made with veal and spices

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Trout

Slab Bacon - ready to eat or fry to a crisp

Smoked Ribs - eat plain or with barbecue sauce