Patak Meats is excited to announce the opening of our new retail store. This brand-new store is 4x bigger than our previous store and we have made many improvements that will make your shopping experience even more enjoyable.

We have an even-wider selection of products available, we’ve installed several more cash registers, and have streamlined our entire order process. We also have more staff on-hand so that you’ll spend less time waiting and we’ve even made improvements to our waiting area. While visiting our store, our customers can also enjoy FREE WiFi access.


We encourage all our current and prospective customers to pay a visit to our new store and have one of our Patak Meats team members give you a tour. We can show you where to find your favorite sausages and smoked meats, highlight some of our new products, and let you sample some of the finest meat products available on the market.

Stop by Patak Meats today to tour our brand-new store and to purchase some of our high-quality sausages and fresh, smoked, and dry cured meats.